Snow Circuit

January 5, 2010

Walking on egg shells 1

December 3, 2009

Steps August 2009 video

October 6, 2009

June 26, 2009

credo soft wear down load trial

March 13, 2009

Video and Credo soft wear animation.




June 26, 2008



Video clips from the community center and Dance City Newcastle.







June 26, 2008





Stills from Dance City video clip.



slow motion videos

June 25, 2008




Video clips from Dance City session. These can be started one after the other so they can be viewed playing  simultaneously. 



Movement 3

June 25, 2008


Further images taken from Dance City Newcastle.





June 19, 2008


Movement slide show from session at Dance City, Newcastle.


During this session I began to think about expectations to do with representing gender in movement.

Women must be graceful, lyrical, thin etc.

Begin to think about how to challenge that concept or understand it better.